Madri Leone: the Female Universe of Apulian Wine.

Our wines embody the courage of remarkable women who conquered significant challenges, leaving a mark.

Each in its own way.

Madri Leone Winery is located in the Tavoliere delle Puglie, an area bordered by the Adriatic Sea, the Ofanto River, the Murge Mountains and the colorful Margherita di Savoia Salt Pans.

In this picturesque glimpse of southern Italy, Marilia and Linda daily aim to enhance their beloved land and the female figure.

Two sisters with different, almost opposite characters who, throughout their careers, have ventured into different experiences within and outside the family business.


She devoted herself to the family business from the very beginning. She began by dividing her time between the winery and the laboratory, and then moved on to the administrative department. Year after year, her direct involvement in various aspects of the business, along with her desire to break down stereotypes in the wine industry, traditionally viewed as a male-dominated field, led her to feel a compelling need to achieve something extraordinary for herself and for others.


She initially pursued legal and sociological studies, as she dreamed of becoming a magistrate. However, her deep connection with the land and the chance to work close to nature led her to make a significant decision – along with her sister – to enter the wine industry as one of the few women in the field. Here, she had the chance to convey her sensitivity towards equal opportunities, which she had developed during her sociological studies.

“Having both grown up amidst the rows of vineyards, our inclinations blended into a mix of initiative, enthusiasm, and tenacity, with the goal of supporting women and our territory.

We started from the winery built by our grandfather who, in turn, had followed in his father’s footsteps in the wine trade more than a century ago.

This is how our Universe was born.”

We don’t just bottle wine, we bottle women’s stories


Madri Leone represents women and their energy, in every glass and every toast.

Our wines speak of women who left a mark on history in different fields.

Our wines are for women and for those who love the strengths of women.

Our bottles are dedicated to the brave souls, the caring, those who embrace every obstacle as an opportunity, and those who, just like mothers, combine all these skills.

Drinking Madri Leone means belonging to a feminine Universe founded on noble values.