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Madri Leone offers products customers can identify with, unlike the usual wines.

If you are a restaurant owner or distributor wondering why you should consider partnering with a new winery, we can explain what makes us different.

Why choose us?

Because we use native Apulian grape varieties

We aim to enhance and make known the territory around us. Instead of using wood, we have chosen to age our wines only in steel, to make them recognizable as we believe in the quality of our grapes.

During the winemaking, we choose the best products and pay close attention to detail at every step of the production process.

Because we carefully choose our packaging

We focus on elegance and remain consistent with the message we want to get across.

We do this because we are aware that nowadays the “container” is also very important in order to catch people’s attention and convey unique messages.

We try to reduce our environmental impact by using lighter bottles and recycled paper packaging. 

Because we don't just bottle wine but stories of women

We use wine as a means to fully express the spirits of remarkable women who have made a significant impact on history.

Because we help you take care of the end customer

We organize tasting events during which you will learn more about our wines and the stories of the women represented on our labels; this will give you the opportunity to create an extra incentive for the end customer to choose our wines.

Because we are Madri Leone!

We are two tenacious, motivated, enthusiastic and smiling women. Those who work with us perceive the care and commitment we put into every step of the production and delivery process. We love to create long-lasting working relationships based on mutual respect and profitable for both parties.

Awards and Mentions

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Madri Leone has created a special Apulian box just for YOU!

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When you place your first order, we will send you the Madri Leone Apulian Aperitivo box with our wine paired with typical products from our territory!

Nel box Aperitivo pugliese Madri Leone troverai:

A bottle of our Spumante Brut Saline Rosa, Apulian taralli, dried tomatoes, eggplants or olives preserved in oil depending on availability.

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