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The vineyard business

MADRI LEONE is a company run by women. With its wines and its meaningful labels, like a storyteller, Madri Leone narrates epic stories of important Italian women and, like a songwriter, sings about these strong characters match the features of Madri Leone’s wines full of body and unforgettable flavour.

It’s a hymn to the beloved land of Puglia, a corner between Murgia, Gargano and Low Daunia not too far away from the land of Bari and of Capitanata. This is a rich soil able to nourish its ancient grapes, therefore keeps influencing modern wineries and local culture and sees, particularly in the recent years, a true revival on the appreciation of its incredible quality.

The Trinitapoli’s soil, where Madri Leone’s vineyard stands, is unbelievably full of natural agents because located in proximity of the Adriatic coast, in the middle of the Natural Reserve of Margherita di Savoia’s salt extraction place and close enough to the Ofanto river in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani.

Our Story

A century ago, in a Tavoliere delle Puglie’s specific area, delimited by the Adriatic Sea, by the Ofanto river, By the Murge and by Margherita di Savoia’s salt extraction basins, arose what it’d have become an established, appraised and respected local vineyard.

All started with Leonino Leone who, since he was a child, followed his father’s wine trading and resell activity. He decided then to start up a winery in his town which had always had a strong viticulture tradition. His high quality wines ended up to be immediately extremely appreciated so much so that, pretty soon, he was in the condition to increase his wine production and scale up his enterprise.

Marilia and Linda, his granddaughters, since childhood live and breathe the wine must’s aroma so, once grown up, Marilia becomes a winemaker like her grandfather straight away and Linda, after a period out of town for laws and sociology studies, feels the urge to go back to her origins, to her beloved countryside, to her Pugliese territory’s smells and flavours and permanently works in the family business too.

Both mothers, sisters to each other, reunited in their beloved land, decide to carry on the family tradition but adding a contemporary twist and vision to a new era of wine production. This is how MADRI LEONE is born, with 3 main aims: preserve autochthonous grapes, respect raw materials and enhance the finished product’s high quality.